you never know who you will run into

Today, a friend of mine from work and I were at a local grocery store picking up some lunch.

The gentleman at the counter noticed our branded jackets and asked if we wanted to hear a funny story. Of course we did…

He proceeded to tell us that one of our high level staff wearing a branded shirt, in a company car, with dealer plates (he knows exactly who it was, since we all have photos on the company website) cut him off in traffic, and proceeded to flip him the bird. He was in the market, and actually ended up buying elsewhere because of this.

I tell this story to you, dear followers, as a cautionary tale. Since I live and breathe customer service, I would never imagine treating anyone else like this, but it does happen. We all have moments of rage, moments where we are not our best selves, moments where we are interacting with someone else who may too be having a moment like that. I wasn’t there, and I only have one side of the story, but it does serve as a reminder, to always put our best foot forward, for the sake of our business.


Do you have a story of a time you changed your mind about a business because of how the proprietor of a staff member acted? Share it in the comments below.

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