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I had the pleasure of hosting a seminar at the Hive in London this past week. A lot of really great people from very different industries and background showed up, and we talked about writing for business, customer service, and social media. 

One of the things that struck me, as I was writing the content (sorry, that’s why these posts have been so few and far between) and again at the seminar, was the quality of the content. I know it’s going to sound silly, (but will probably really strike a chord with some of you) but I often forget that not everyone knows the same things that I know. Let me say that again, in different words. We all have some knowledge or experience that those around us don’t. That was originally the whole point of me starting this particular venture, on top of everything else I’m doing (Magpie Bath, volunteering with Pugtastic7 Rescue, my day job, colony contributor at the Hive, and taking care of my young family), yet I still felt like the content I was creating was both amazing and insightful, but also maybe everyone would already know everything I was planning to speak on, and it would be a waste of time. 

I have had many a great conversation with friends or family, and even some of you lovely new acquaintances about your businesses, and had tips or tricks that were new or helpful. I love giving advice that stems from my long entrepreneurial history, that might help someone else grow. I also love growing in new ways myself, and this seminar definitely fit that bill. Anyone who has met me in person knows I can be quite loquacious, but am also fairly introverted, so speaking one on one is generally my preference. I got out of my comfort zone, so that I could help more people, and I loved it!

I will be posting some snippets of content from the seminar for you all to enjoy, as well as some more anecdotes about customer service I have received lately, and my thoughts on it. 

This was just a brief update as to why I have been so quiet, but know that there is lots coming up to look forward to, including more in depth seminars on specific items! 
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